Dick Brothers Limited has built its International reputation on the ability to harvest clients’ tree crops in the most efficient and profitable way possible. We at Dick Brothers provide an extensive range of timber harvesting services from first and second year thinnings to the harvesting of trees on the steepest of terrain.


Dick Brothers undertake clearfell operations of all shapes and sizes as there are no limits to our operational capabilities.

Our vast knowledge, expertise and state of the art machinery provides us with the ability to fulfil client demands, no matter how large they may be.

Boasting an extensive fleet of various machinery types, provides Dick Brothers with the ability to respond swiftly to increased demands of timber markets by assigning extra machinery to sites where and when required.




With over 23 years experience and a range of purpose built machinery for steep ground harvesting, Dick Brothers has the ability to harvest and extract timber on the steepest of terrain. 

Where tree location and size is considered too physically demanding for machinery, skyline winches and hand-cutters assist harvesters in order to achieve full crop optimisation for our clients.

Harvesters often used on steep ground clearfell sites are Tigercat Hill Climbers, John Deere 1470’s and 8WD Ponsse Ergo’s. Timber extractions are predominantly executed by Ponsse Elephants and the John Deere 1910E.

Timber Harvesting Contractors UK | Dick Brothers


A rise in awareness of Global Warming has seen the UK increase its onshore wind power production significantly in the past decade. Dick Brothers have and will continue to assist in the construction of on shore Wind Farms.

In 2012, Dick Brothers completed the biggest clearfell operation of its kind in the UK for the construction of the Little Clyde Wind Farm, South Lanarkshire – a 152 turbine project by SSE.

Work commenced on site in 2011 and was completed after 18 months – harvesting a total of 220 thousand tonnes of timber.

Timber Harvesting Contractors UK | Dick Brothers


Dick Brothers offer Thinning services to our clients to concentrate the volume increase in a smaller number of trees, resulting in wider individual trees and a greater proportion of sawlog – the most valuable timber size class.

We have experienced operators within this aspect of forestry in order to meet our clients’ requirements, assisted by a range of specifically designed machines thinning operations, including a Ponsse Fox and John Deere 1110E.

Timber Harvesting Contractors UK | Dick Brothers